Unités de production pour le développement local


  • Biodiesel manufacturing machine

    MACHINES TO CONVERT USED COOKING OIL INTO DIESEL FOR CARS (BIODIESEL) WHAT IS BIODIESEL? Biodiesel is a natural, renewable and alternative fuel for any diesel engine. It can be made from any vegetable oil.

  • Make trays

    for eggs, fruits, seeds, pots, bottles, food, glass, disposable medical products, packaging, etc. - Raw materials: recycled paper, newspapers, etc. - Incredible profit potential - Free training and installation (conditions apply)


    Tire shredding/shredding machine reduces whole tires to small pieces of rubber, this machine can also crush plastic (film). Shredded tires The final product is suitable for: - Sports fields: Tennis courts, tracks, rides, playgrounds - Shoes: Sole - C

  • Reusable shopping bags

    Non-woven cardboard bags Description : The machine manufactures different types of non-woven cardboard bags. Non-woven cardboard bags can be recycled and are environmentally friendly and reusable. They are widely used in packaging industries such as


    Machines:- Purify, Municipal, Faucet, Brackish, Impure, Borehole, River, Sea.., Dirty and groundwater etc. and convert it into pure bottled drinking water. low-cost water purification and treatment machines for sale Designed to treat a wide variety

  • Tire shredders and transformers

    Machines available for tire shredding Also machines for the transformation of tires into railings/rubber stacking pallet /fence, etc. Other recycling machines also available