Unités de production pour le développement local


  • Air pocket packaging machine

    This machine fills plastic bags with air for fragile/delicate packaging. Capacity: 100 pieces per minute

  • Bottle blowers:

    Single cavity bottle blower for blowing 5L bottles 2-cavity bottle blow moulder capable of blowing bottles up to 2L Ask about the specific bottles, sizes and capacities you want to produce and we can give you a quote accordingly.

  • Bottle filling machines :

    Various filling machines for different consistency products (example: water/juice filling, oil filling, piston type for paste filling) Models for different filling ranges and capacities.

  • Fizzy Cool Drink Fizzy Cool Drink Line

    Coca cola/ Fanta/ Pepsi" bottled carbonated production line. Capacity 2000 Bottles per hour on 330ml &1000ml


    TRICYCLE TRICYCLE TRICYCLE CARDS FOR SALE Sell anywhere, anytime! Various tricycles/mobile trolleys with insulated cooler available

  • Pencil manufacturing production line

    Making pencils from waste paper

  • Machine for packaging triangular bags

    Pack the contents (such as candy, food, etc.) in triangular bags. Unique and practical design Various packaging machines also available