Unités de production pour le développement local

Food Processing

  • Mango pulp machine

    Mango pulp machine Cut the mangoes in two parts from the middle. Stainless steel 4 knives Easy to use and use Model: KXMG-300 Engine: 2.2kw/ 380V Capacity: 2-4 t/h Size: 1100*680*900mm

  • Nik Naks & Puff Chip Line

    Nik Naks & Puff Chip Line Included in the line Flour mixer I BF-I Screw conveyor ZSJ Cheetos Extruder SMT Z-shaped conveyor TSJ-Z Separate rotary screen SD Elevating conveyor TSJ-III ZLYZG Rotary Fryer


    OIL PRESSING MACHINES FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF COOKING AND COLD PRESSED OILS INCREDIBLE PROFIT POTENTIAL Large & Small Models Extract Cooking oil from : - Peanuts - Seeds - Coconut - Olives - Cornummels and various seeds: e. g. cornummels and various s


    ROASTING AND ROASTING MACHINES FOR PEANUT BUTTER AND PEANUT BUTTER AND ROASTING AND PEELING MACHINES Peanut butter is made with 100% peanuts, most peanuts after grinding are self-oiled. Optionally, add a touch of vegetable oil, a touch of salt, a tou

  • Potato peeling and cleaning machine

    Potato peeling and cleaning machine 3 to 5 minutes later, the potatoes will automatically turn off. Model: UP-10 Power: 0.75kw/ 220V Size: 690*410*800mm Weight: 60kg Capacity: 80 kg/h Model: UP-30 Power: 1.1kw/ 380V Size: 740*650*860mm Weight: 80k

  • Centrifugal slicer for root vegetables and fruit

    Centrifugal slicer for root vegetables and fruit Used to cut vegetables and fruit into shreds, chips, slices, etc. Dimensions: 900*7500*790mm Power: 1.75kw/380v 50Hz Capacity: 800-1000kg/h Weight: 130kg

  • Shea butter machine

    Shea butter machine This oil press is specially designed for shea butter.