Unités de production pour le développement local

Food Processing

  • Multifunctional vegetable cutter EQJ-55

    Cut vegetables/ the fruit in tatters, fries and slices. Rotational speed of The blade plate is adjustable. Dimension: 1000*600*1300mm Power: 0.75kw/380v 50Hz Capacity: 600-1500kg/h Weight: 220kg

  • Chip cutting machine XQT-20

    Used to cut vegetables and fruit chips. The cutting speed is adjustable. Sizes: 1100*700*1780mm Power: 0.37kw/380v 50Hz Capacity: 80-500kg/h

  • Vegetable chopper DHD-80

    Chop the vegetables and the fruit in pieces, the hash size is adjustable. Dimensions: 1200*600*1000mm Power: 1.65kw/220v 50Hz Capacity: 500-1200kg/h

  • EQJ-30 Multifunctional

    EQJ-30 Multifunctional vegetable cutting machine EQJ-30 Cut leafy vegetables, root vegetables or stem vegetables into slices Dimensions: 1300*600*110mm Power: 1.1kw/380v 50Hz Capacity: 500-800kg/h

  • RDJ-60 Cutting Machine

    RDJ-60 Cutting Machine Root vegetables/ cut fruit into chips, slices and cubes. Dimensions: 1500*820*1300mm Power: 1.5kw/380v 50Hz Capacity: 300-600kg/h Specification of finished products: 5*5mm ; 10*10mm 15*15mm ; 20*20mm

  • Flavoured Gasified & Non-Cabonated (Fizzy Line)

    Flavoured Gasified & Non-Cabonated (Fizzy Line) Produce: Carbonated drinks flavoured with corbony Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, etc.Non-Cabonated juice Oros, Energade, etc.


    - Deliver 30% more juice - More vitamins and raw nutrients - Get more vitality and energy - 50% cheaper than similar models - Pure juice - Fruits, carrots, vegetables, apples, peaches, etc. - Provides vitamins in their purest and most natural form -


    Including Chips, Cubes, etc. Different models of fruit and vegetable processing equipment. - Slice, grate, grate, grate, grate and cut into chips or cubes of any size. - Versatile, low noise, easy to clean, suitable for hotels, restaurants and superm

  • Garlic peeling machine

    The machine will not damage the garlic after peeling the skin. No need to put the garlic in water before peeling *95% of the peeling rate Capacity: 65 kg p/hr (95% accuracy) Power: 0.2kw Voltage: 380V ; 50Hz (three-phase) Dimensions: 0064x0.66x0.66

  • Jams and puree making machines

    Jams and puree making machines Electric jam pot 200L Fruit pulp machine Electric jam cooker 200L Jam filling machine